Non-Stick Micro Pressure Cooker

Rs. 1,999 Rs. 3,999


Non-stick Micro Pressure Pot Made of premium aerospace alloys and natural clay, super high quality Distributes heat evenly and cooks without burning the bottom. One pot can be used for ten years!

The clay non-stick technology is more wear-resistant and durable. The inner and outer surfaces are treated with clay non-stick treatment technology, which not only greatly improves the non-stick performance, but also is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.

Pottery clay non-stick micro pressure cooker One pot is multi-purpose, steaming up and cooking down, and can be switched at any time, it is a wok and a steamer and can be fried, fried, stewed, fried, boiled.

Cover and cook with slight pressure, the pot can maintain a pressure of 10-15pa, the degree of penetration of the soup will be increased during the cooking process, the ingredients will be more flavorful, and the soup will be more delicious.

Gently push and give up, one key opens the cover, the air outlet is facing outward, portable and safe, keeping fingers away from heat sources and full of security.

Product Specifications:

  • Lid type: glass lid
  • Bottom material: composite multi-layer
  • Range: Universal
  • Weight: 2.4Kg
  • Diameter: 32cm/12.6in

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