Reusable Absorbent Cleaning Cloths - 20 PCS BOX

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Reusable Absorbent Cleaning Cloths - 20 PCS BOX

Introducing our Reusable Absorbent Cleaning Cloths - a pack of 20 magic multi-functional cleaning rags designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Crafted with high-quality materials, these thickened magic cleaning cloths ensure efficient removal of debris from various surfaces without causing scratches. From mirrors to windows, car windshields to stainless steel, these cloths excel in providing a streak-free shine.

Key Features:

Multi-functional Cleaning: These cleaning cloths offer versatility in cleaning various surfaces including glass, windows, mirrors, car windshields, and stainless steel. From household chores to automotive cleaning, they cater to a wide range of cleaning needs.

High Quality Material: Crafted from fine and dense fibers, these cloths provide a soft and comfortable cleaning experience. Their premium construction ensures durability and longevity, with no risk of shedding or fraying, even after repeated use.

Superior Water Absorbency: Featuring exceptional water absorption capabilities, these cloths leave surfaces dry and streak-free. Say goodbye to unsightly watermarks and hello to sparkling clean surfaces. Additionally, they excel in absorbing oil stains and grease, making them ideal for kitchen cleanup.20pcs/box Cleaning Cloth Super Absorbent Deeply Cleaning Dish Cleaning Rag Lazy - Picture 5 of 16Widely Used: Suitable for a variety of environments including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and more, these cloths prove to be indispensable cleaning companions. Whether it's wiping down tableware, cleaning surfaces, or tackling stubborn stains, these cloths are up to the task.

Multipurpose: Designed for both wet and dry cleaning applications, these cloths offer versatility in tackling different types of messes. From spills and stains to dust and dirt, they provide effective cleaning solutions for various scenarios.

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: Microfiber
    • Dimensions (L * W * H): 23 * 11.6 * 6.8 cm
    • Quantity: 20 pieces per box
    • Cloth Size: 20 cm (length) * 20 cm (width)
    • Use: Extraction and wet/dry cleaning applications
    • Suitable for: Kitchens, restaurants, homes, offices, and more.

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