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Clear Human Body Structure Model

Introducing our Clear Human Body Structure Model, an essential tool for teaching physiology and anatomy in educational institutions. Suitable for middle schools, colleges, and medical schools, this real-scale three-dimensional model provides visual aids to deepen students' understanding of the human body. Through disassembly and combination, students can explore the structure of the human body and develop hands-on skills, making learning engaging and interactive.

Product Key Features:

  • Wide Usage: Ideal for use in middle schools, colleges, and medical schools as visual teaching aids for physiology, hygiene, and anatomy classes.

    • Hands-On Skill Development: As students disassemble and reassemble the model, they cultivate their hands-on abilities while learning about the intricate details of human anatomy.


      • Exploratory Learning: By observing the exterior and interior of the simulated human body model, students can open up new avenues of exploration and discovery.

        • Interactive Learning: The real-scale three-dimensional model allows students to deepen their understanding of human body structure through hands-on disassembly and combination exercises.

        Product Specification:

        • Type: Clear Human Body Structure Model
        • Usage: Visual teaching aid for physiology, hygiene, and anatomy classes
        • Scale: Real-scale three-dimensional model
        • Learning Benefits: Hands-on skill development, interactive learning experience
        • Dimension: 10x28Cm
        • Box: 30.3x6.7x18CM

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 33 reviews
        Bryan Bass

        Good product

        Suji V S

        Overall good.. but the fixing of some parts were difficult especially the limbs.

        one of the hands couldn't be fixed properly to shoulder joint

        Geetika Agarwal
        Good concept - Bad quality

        This product is for kids. However the way it’s been designed is not great for a 7 year old.
        The outer plastic cover is hard to open and hard to put back for a kid.
        The skeleton joints are very bad quality.. they don’t stay for a child to focus.. they keep coming out.
        While improving the product quality, it will be very helpful if you can print the name of the bone / organ on top of it , so it’s easy for the child to recall.

        Sonal Lavingia


        Sudip Mohapatra

        My son like it very much